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Stuart Cox Custom Signet Ring

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Coat of Arms Ring - Signet Ring

Stuart Cox Armorial Ring

This die struck 14K Yellow Gold Signet Ring has a custom made sculpted table in the shape of the clients Shield, slightly radiused to widen the presentation and maximize the size of the engraving surface, while adding dimension and light play to the engraved surface. It has been engraved in high relief, as well as deeply recessed Intaglio characters to give it depth and dimension, while contrasting background patterns delineate the colors of the elements of the shield. It is framed with a raised millgrain border to complete the presentation, a strong and handsome, one of a kind heraldic statement.
Mens Signet Ring with Coat of Arms

Ring with Pencil for Reference

This image with the pencil present helps to show the scale of the lettering in the book, and of the engraving. Two lines of text will fit on the width of the pencil lead!

Moss Ring

Sunday, August 30th, 2009
Tiffany Flatware, Moss Ring

Tiffany Flatware, Moss Ring

Custom made 14ky gold mans signet ring. This massive, classic oval tabled ring measures 20x25mm: on it’s engraved surface, the table thickness is 3/16″ at it’s thinest point, and the total weight is 40.1 grams, or 1.29oz.. Constructed with a squared shoulder shank to help prevent rollover while being worn, it has been engraved with a modified Pearl Roman monogram. This style of engraving is rather deep, 2 full width passes of a square graver carve a sculptured stem and serif design reminicent of the Roman stone lettering of antiquity. It is seen here “shaded” with the addition of some scrolled border elements to help compose the monogram and frame it within the surface of the ring. This form of cut lends itself nicely to creating a wax seal as well, and retains it’s sharp edges and distinct character for many generations, a personal favorite.

Antique Cushion Signet Ring

Monday, April 6th, 2009
Double Eagle Head Ring

Double Eagle Head Ring

Bill Peterburs double head eagle signet crest ring.

Peterburs double head eagle crest cut “to show”, antique cushion signet ring

Classic Oval Signet Ring

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
Engraved Oval Signet Ring

Engraved Oval Signet Ring

This 14x18mm Die Struck 14k Signet Ring is engraved with a sculpted victorian style “M”. By deeply bright cutting and faceting the character’s interior to contrast the brush finished surface of the ring, a dramatic contrast of light and energy results. Characters engraved in this manner also make fine wax seals.

Heraldic & Signet Ring

Thursday, January 29th, 2009
Hand Engraved Heraldic and Signet Rings by George Bentley - Fine Hand Engraver

Heraldic and Signet Rings

Each and every detail is hand engraved to perfection. Show quality custom gold jewelry design is where George’s talent’s really shine. Hand made rings can be cast in white gold, yellow gold, and silver. A hand engraved coat-of-arms or hand engraved family crest ring is the perfect unique jewelry gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. You can rest assured that your gift is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece individually designed to fit the character and style you desire. Adding a custom inscription can help remind the wearer of your special bond.