Custom Gold Necklace

Ornamental Custom Designed Necklace

Custom Engraved Neckless

(with love and labor)

Forged out of 22K yellow and 18K royal yellow gold, this pearl, ruby and diamond necklace is a portrait of mans impact on our Great Lakes. A mother fish nestled beneath water starwort patiently waits for the hatching of her fry while gentle bubbles of oxygen rise about and cling to her tidal sanctuary. Their future however, is imperiled by the nutrient consuming Zebra Mussel, clinging to this sectional free floating plant. Introduced by ballast water into the Great Lakes, its presence will challenge their survival and ultimately Lake Michigan’s food chain.

Renaissance Gallery and Studios
G.M. Bentley 2004

Detailed Image

Detailed Image

This custom necklace incorporates:

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